Wednesday, March 16, 2011

7 trunks packed...

Today I got 7 trunks packed and this is what the chaos looked like. The hard part is going through the house trying to figure out what needs to go to Sudan with us. The harder part is figuring out how to fit it in trunks that won't weigh over 50 pounds each. I keep a list of items that are in each trunk. I'm glad I wrote in pencil today because after weighing them and finding them heavy every time (thanks to 3 years worth of homeschooling books for the boys!!!), I had to keep taking things out, moving stuff around, and re-weighing and re-writing my packing list. It's not that bad, but boy is it exhausting.

Something that kind of surprised me today is that packing is emotional for me. It started sinking in today, that yes, we really are moving overseas again. Yes, we are going back to Sudan. Yes, we will be there for 3 whole years. Phew...and as I pack away the things that are staying behind in storage, I feel like I'm packing away precious memories. I'm closing a chapter of our lives. A chapter that's been so good, I almost don't want to see it end. And yet I'm eager to see what happens the story unfolding in the next chapter.

This is a crazy ride but a ride I know we're meant to be on!

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