Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What's up in the Fader household?

Life has been a bit different the past few weeks. With Isaac and Evan in school from 8-3 every day, it's been a big change to have only one little guy at home. Josh plays happily by himself but also enjoys running errands with me and going over to visit friends in our free time. Isaac and Evan LOVE school and can hardly wait to tell me all about their day when I pick them up from school in the afternoons!
Eli plans to take two classes during the fall. One is a class on Islam Theology that he has started reading for. He's also been more faithful in playing rugby with the men's club downtown two nights a week.
With a busier schedule, our Saturdays have become a special time to relax as a family. Below are a few pictures from last Saturday.

Father and son On Saturday we drove to Lake Monticello, about a half hour away, to ride bikes, swim, and have a nice picnic. It was perfect weather and the boys were thrilled to discover that there was also a BIKE show going on that afternoon. Bikes meaning, motorbikes of all kinds, including bikes with four wheels and other fancy cars.

Eli and I are thrilled to have several wonderful babysitters. Taking the motorcycle on our dates makes it all so much more fun. This last weekend, we double dated and our friends rode their motorcycle too!

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