Sunday, August 15, 2010

A little update

Since we got back from our trip last week, we've spent our time getting the boys ready for school and squeezing in as much as we could before school started this week. So tomorrow Isaac and Evan go to their first day of school. I'm still not sure how I'm going to handle it. Will I be thrilled to come home to a quiet house or sad and teary because my babies are growing up? I'm still not sure...we'll have to wait and see.
Tomorrow the boys only go for one hour and Eli and I will accompany them. Their teachers ask a parent to come that first day. The boys will get their desks, bring their school supplies, and get a feel of the classroom before their first full day on Tuesday. So we have a sweet friend coming to stay home with Joshua and Eli will go with one boy and I'll go with the other. There will be plenty of pictures tomorrow - don't worry!
One funny side note: this morning we woke up to find that we had NO WATER in the house! For some reason everyone on our street has no water. We're not sure what to do. In Sudan we know where to go for water - the nearby well or river - no problem. But here, I have no clue. And we emptied our pool this weekend to clean it so we don't even have that to draw from! HELP!
OK, don't forget to check in tomorrow for school updates for Isaac and Evan!


Ruth said...

I would buy a lot of wet wipes and clean. When I was Uganda for three weeks, I did that when I didn't have water. Good luck with the water situation. I'll be praying for you guys.

Jason and Heather Fader said...

I'm looking forward to those school pictures of my handsome nephews!
I miss you - h