Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Week of School

Evan's all ready for preschool!

Isaac starts Kindergarten this week

Josh wanted his backpack on too but when we got to the school Josh made it clear that he was staying with me!

The boys did so well their first day of school. When I picked them up at 3, they were both full of stories. Neither of them had any trouble staying all day, or separating from me when I dropped them off. It made it a lot easier for me!

This is Isaac's kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Taylor. She is so much fun and we're thrilled Isaac gets to learn from her this fall!

Isaac proudly showed me where he signs in every morning. He has a little bird with his name on it and puts it in his nest to show he's there that day.

Benjamin is in Isaac's class which is so neat because they used to play together when they were babies and here they are in school together!

Here is Evan at his desk. When he first arrives in the morning, they have playdough to play with until all the kids get there and class is officially ready to start at 8:20 (I usually drop them off around 8.)

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firecracker said...

AWWW.. Good for him! :)