Friday, July 02, 2010

Myrtle Beach

We had an AMAZING time at Myrtle Beach this week. We spent two days with Jeff, Alyssa, and their three wonderful boys. (Alyssa is Eli's sister if you can't tell in the pictures) Short but sweet.
The Atlantic ocean is definitely colder than the Indian ocean, but we all still enjoyed the waves.

Our nephew Jordan couldn't keep his hands off his Uncle Eli. Absence indeed makes the heart grow fonder!
There was so much fun to be had - a complete paradise/wonderland for children AND adults!

Isaac and Evan were both very brave to try the tallest waterslide. By the 2nd day, they both went about 15 times!
Uncle Jeff helped catch the boys at the end of the slide since the pool was deep.

Here we are as a group: Jeff, Isaac, Keegan, Alyssa, Bryson, Bethany, Joshua, Jordan, Evan, and Eli! What a bunch! Thank you Lord for the gift of being with family again!

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