Sunday, April 11, 2010

Our Joshua - 20 months old

He loves reading on the potty though we haven't had much success with potty training yet!

I couldn't believe I got this on camera! I found them this way - no joke! This is Hallelujah who we love to call Joshua's wife. Her parents are our colleagues from Nigeria. First thing every morning he wants to get his shoes on so he can go over to her house. They are quite the pair!

Here they are again, tormenting the poor kitty cat.

This is Josh's friend Peter. He lives nearby and is the same age as Joshua. At the graduation celebration meal, Joshua chose to go over and sit and eat with Peter. It was so cute to watch them eating out of the same bowl.

Water is one of Joshua's favorite things. At home, during the heat of the day, I can keep him happy for an hour at least by putting him in a basin of water with some toys. He loves going to the river even more.

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Jason and Heather Fader said...

Great picture of the little ones holding hands! We can hardly wait to see Joshua and all of you next week! love, h/j/a/a