Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dying Easter eggs

I know Easter was more than a week ago but we didn't have eggs in Sudan to dye and my mother gave us a lovely dye kit so today I boiled 14 eggs and we dyed eggs. The boys had a blast although Joshua kept stopping my heart by dunking eggs, splashing dye everywhere, almost tipping the dye cups a few times...but it all worked out.

Evan's proud of his first egg.

Do you see the dye dripping?

Once the eggs were dry and while the boys were playing on the playground, I hid all the eggs near our house then called the kids to come look for them. They each had a bowl to put their finds in. Even Joshua was able to find some on his own.

Thank you Mimo, for the great dye kit. We sure had a fun morning and we've already eaten almost half of them!

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smunoz0329 said...

i'm so happy for you guys getting to do all these fun things. I know its still 9 months away but I;m so excited to see you in Dec!