Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A day at Lake Naivasha with our Yabus Team

On Tuesday, we piled our whole Yabus team into a van and drove an hour and a half to Lake Naivasha. We've gone here several times as a family and we love it. Before heading on home assignment, we thought it would be great to spend a day of fun and relaxation with all our teammates. The day was perfect. It truly couldn't have been any better!

Asule, Canberra, and Lori on our walk down to the lake.

When we got to the water's edge, the friendly security guard asked us if we'd like to see a large heard of zebra, gazelle, wildebeest, and waterbuck. We of course said yes, and he led us on a fabulous walking safari. This was a first for all of us! Instead of driving in vehicles to see the wildlife, we got to walk and be right there with them (since they're not dangerous animals.) It was amazing and such a great experience for many of our teammates who had never seen those animals in the wild before.

Lunch was a delicious buffet that we ate outside on the beautiful lawn. We all ate so much we had to take an hour "rest" before our next adventure.

After lunch and a nice swim, we took a lovely boatride on the lake and saw lots of hippos and different types of birds.

The highlight of the boat ride for me was when we found a cove in the lake where a bunch of fish eagles lived up in the trees. Our boat driver brought along some fresh fish and after whistling really loudly, he threw the fish into the water near our boat. From 200 meters away, the eagle flew right towards us and snatched up the fish in the nearby water. It was amazing! It all happened so fast and I was so entralled, I didn't get on camera!

These hippos were right near the shore of the lake where our boat docked. We got to stand on the land and watch them as they fought, yawned, and made their deep gutteral noises.

I just had to end with this darling picture of Evan. Our four year old sure has grown up! What a fun day.

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