Friday, January 01, 2010

Spending a wonderful day at Lake Bunyonyi

On Wednesday we drove to Lake Bunyonyi, only 20 minutes from home. We took a beautiful 10 minute boatride to Bushara Island where we spent the day hiking around the island, flying our kites, playing cards, swimming, and having a really fun time. Joshua looked so cute in his life jacket - it kind of squeezed his cheeks together. He was a good sport.

David and Audrey - the happily engaged couple

The boatride to and from the island was Isaac and Evan's favorite part of the day. Can't you tell Stan is thrilled too?


Ashley L. @ Missionary Moms said...

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Duncan & Patricia said...

Dear Eli and Bethany,

What a joy to read your blog for the past few months. This is Pat McDowell from Crossroads in SC. We trust all is well with you and request any recent prayer requests.

Love in christ,