Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More precious time with family

On Friday we drove 4 hours into western Kenya to Tenwek Hospital where Eli's brother Jason and his family are now missionaries. They moved there about a month and a half ago and are settling in nicely. We had several days together eating, playing Settlers of Catan, and watching the cousins play together.

Here is a new family picture of the Fader Five at the Tenwek Dam

Joshua and his newest cousin, Abi

Here we are - 10 Faders : Bethany, Caleb, Abi, Eli, Heather, Jason, Evan, Isaac, and Anna


Bonnie said...

what beautiful, priceless pictures!
thank you, Lord Jesus for these precious people!
Aunt Bonnie

Kyle & Crystal said...

That is so awesome! Was Caleb just visiting, or is he working over there too?