Wednesday, January 27, 2010

4 days left

There's a wave of excitement going through our family right now. Since we've been out of Sudan and away from home for almost 2 months, we're all eager to get back. Yesterday we did our big Yabus shopping and filled 2 120-liter barrels with food, school supplies and books for the kids, and other stuff for the next few months in Sudan. Those packed barrels in our living room remind us that we're only going to be here a few more days. What will our next few days look like?
- dinner invitations with friends
- purchasing the last few items on our list
- eating the last few special foods that we'll miss while we're away.

Please pray for us to settle back smoothly into life in Yabus. After almost 2 months away, there will be a thick blanket of dust and many wild creatures living in our house.


krazycool99 said...

wow you guys are in sudan wow i hope you and your family have a safe trip home and enjoy every minute down there!!!:)

krazycool99 said...

omg!!i just wanted to also say your pictures were soo cute of your family!! espasillly on christmas the boys were soo cute and on the lake they were also cute!!!

best wishes and im praying for your family and of course you too!!!!:)