Thursday, October 01, 2009

Lots of good experiences

During this first week back in Yabus, we've taken Mom and Dad to meet many of our friends. They are greeted very warmly everywhere we go. Some of the new experiences for Mom and Dad:
-Driving to church on a quad bike through grass that's 10 feet tall
-Drinking strong Sudanese coffee
-Eating asida (consistency of playdough) with kudra soup (slimy and green)
-Greeting in Arabic

The men sit under one side of the tree and the women sit on the other

Mom is a big hit everywhere we go. She's lavished hugs on many many people!


Doug and Heidi said...

Bethany...I remember your mom well from days they visited at RVA. She is an unforgettable women for sure!

Amrita said...

love this.

Just like our rural India.

I like the sandals you are wearing. They make similar ones in Mussoorie ( India) they are called Jesus sandals