Friday, August 28, 2009

A Season of Teaching

This week was Eli and my first week of teaching at the BELC in Yabus (Basic Education Learning Center). Eli is teaching English and Bible and I'm teaching Math. So far we're both really enjoying this new role. Our students are great and it's fun to be back in the classroom again. Another teaching role I have is with Isaac, Evan, and Praise. Praise is our teammate's son and spends most of the daylight hours at our house. Even with my two hour math class every morning, I am determined to keep homeschooling my boys as priority. So while Joshua takes his morning nap, the boys and I "do school". I took these great pictures today and as I look through them again, my heart swells with love and thanks. What a blessing these little boys are to me. And I'm privleged to be training them up to be godly men.


Rachel, Andy, Christopher, and Kaela said...

You're a wonderful mother - your boys are so blessed. Keep up the good, hard work. I'm praying for you.

Amanda Gray said...

Dear Fader Family-

My name is AManda Shaheen...I am friends with Kristie Kleinow-Burns.

I just want you to know that I met Eli about ...well...7 years ago...when Sudan was just the intended destination.

I have followed your blog for about a year..and pray for you endlessly...although we have never met.

I would love to contact you via email..and to meet you more formally! (as formal as email can get.)

someday..i hope to be in person to see your ministry. ....and who knows...maybe teach in your school! I hold a TESOL degree (teaching english as a second language!) and have always dreamt of living in the bush...teaching. My husband and I are both studying missions...i am finishing up my graduate work in the field.

many blessings to you.