Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Isaac turned FIVE!

On Monday I turned 5. My mom made pepperoni pizza and a chocolate cake. While I was taking my nap, my mom blew up balloons and decorated the dining hall with streamers and a race car sign that said, "Happy Birthday".

At dinner time, our whole team ate pizza and then my dad lit five candles on my cake and everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to me. My favorite part of the whole day was getting my present. It was a new Mater truck. Evan and my mom picked it out at the store in Nairobi. We've been having lots of fun playing with it.

So now I'm five and the oldest kid on the compound. I think it's cool being 5.


Amrita said...

That was a lovely birthday celebration Issac. God bless you sweet child

Rachel, Andy, Christopher, and Kaela said...

FIVE?!?! Wow! You are quite the grown up little guy, now. Happy Birthday, Isaac!!