Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bethany's Namesake

One of my dearest friends in Yabus is a lady named Hakima. She is one of the first friends I made when I arrived in Sudan two years ago. She owns a nice tea and coffee shop in town and I used to go visit her to practice my Arabic.

Over the years our friendship has grown very close. On July 10th, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Her son Mohammed came to tell me the good news and told me they were waiting for me to visit before giving the baby her name. I thought they wanted me to name her so I'd picked a name - Hadiya - which means "gift" in Arabic.

When I got to her house and started admiring the perfect little baby girl, Hakima instantly started calling her baby, "Bethany Sagair" which means "Little Bethany". I was more honored than words can express.

When I came home that day and was telling Eli about my visit, I remembered the meaning of my name: House of God. I have been praying that Hakima's family would embrace the one TRUE GOD and my prayer is that their home truly will be a house of God one day.


Nate and Amy said...

How cool! Miss you Bethany! Can't believe Josh is 1 already!

Amrita said...

absolutely adorable

michelle theisen said...

Bethany! How beautiful! May the Lord bless and keep Little Bethany. My heart joins yours in faith, hope and love for this family.

Carrie said...

How perfectly lovely! I'll add her to my prayers.

HEBREWS1201 said...

We named our Bethany after you as well, she is bethany grace... A house of Gods grace! we are praying for you guys tell Eli and the boys we said hi.
The Nairn's

bustrum said...

Bethany, what a special honor for you and a beautiful prayer reminder. You are beautiful, Bethany, inside and out!
Aunt Bonnie