Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bridge Update

Today was a special day as we finished putting the wood decking across our bridge here in Yabus. It has been a dream for so long and to finally get to see people cross has been great. To watch people cross for the first time has been entertaining too. From the timid woman who preferred scooting to the crowd of children who thought it best to run, it has been a great day to people watch. Check out more pictures on our bridge blog:


Paul and Karen said...

We're friends of the Greenes and have been following the bridge construction with interest. It looks great! Congratulations on a very large job, well done.

Karen Berg

Jon said...

Congratulations to the whole community, and well done! We're so glad to see this project completed and already being put to good use. We think of you guys and pray for you!
Kate, Jon, and Graham Shaw

Melanie said...