Sunday, May 17, 2009

An incredible, unexpected gift

Last week we had the joy of sharing a few hours with Jason, Heather, and Caleb Fader. Jason and Caleb are Eli's brothers and Heather is our wonderful sister-in-law. It worked out that Jason and Heather arranged a 23-hour layover in Nairobi on their way to Ethiopia to meet their new daughter they will adopt in the next few months. When Caleb, who lives in Uganda, heard of this plan, he hopped on a bus and drove to Kenya in time to spend that night with us. It was an amazing time.
Jason and Heather flew in at 7 pm so we stayed up most of the night until 4 in the morning, talking, catching up, and laughing a lot. We also had a mini-Christmas since they brought at least one full suitcase of things for us that we needed/requested from the States.
We never could have dreamed we'd get to see these family members but God gave us this incredible gift and we sure enjoyed every minute we spent together!


Carrie said...

So great, but a little strange, to see all the Fader brothers together and all grown up! What a blessing!

bustrum said...

This is such an incredibly wonderful picture to see all of you together in Kenya! Your family is such a great example of loving, caring for one another and wanting to spend any amount of time together. We love your blog but we admit that we are terrible writers. We do know how to pray, though!! We love you! We so enjoy seeing the beautiful pictures of the boys!
Aunt Bonnie

Anonymous said...

OH, what a little foretaste of heaven.... to be together!

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