Monday, May 11, 2009

Greetings from Nairobi

We sure are thankful to have a nice break. We arrived in Kenya on Thursday afternoon and our first stop was a burger joint where we made quite a scene gobbling down burgers and french fries. I think we must have looked like we hadn't eaten in a few days.
Today we got back from a wonderful weekend at Rift Valley Academy where we spent a few days revisiting our alma mater (on our ten year anniversary from graduation) and enjoying a few days with my little brother Stan who is in the tenth grade. One of the highlights was watching Stan play rugby - it brought back memories of watching Eli play while we were in high school.
Tomorrow we have a delightful surprise: we get to see our sister and brother in law, Jason and Heather Fader, and possibly even Caleb Fader. Jason and Heather are on their way to Ethiopia to meet their new little girl that they're hoping to adopt in a few months. They planned a long layover so we could spend the day together. Caleb, who is working in Uganda with the Peace Corps, is planning on joining us if he can get a bus here tomorrow.
The following day we fly to the coast for four days at SunNSand Beach Resort with our friends Phil and Emily Greene and their two children. Could it get much more fun than this? I don't think so!!!

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Carrie said...

Sounds lovely! Enjoy and say hello to Jason for me!