Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New "Pampering" ministry

I've wanted to introduce you to my special friend and colleague, Victoria Adamu. She's from Nigeria and has become like a sister in a short time. Together, as the two moms on our team, we've started a prayer ministry, praying together three times a week. And lately we began another new ministry which we're calling "Pampering Ministry."

A few weeks ago we had a team of six come from the States. They brought at least a dozen bottles of nail polish of all different colors. We started taking them along when we went visiting and the women LOVE getting their toes and fingernails done.
When the team left last week, they left us all their nail polish. So yesterday and today, when it finally starts to cool down in the late afternoon, we get our five kids together and venture off in a new direction. We've already made new friends and the nail polish is always a big hit! Who ever knew that nail polish could be a way to open doors to new friendships and a venue to show our love and God's love?

Can you tell who else gets a lot of love?


Team Scribe said...

Bethany, painting toenails in the villages was one of the highlights of my trip. Though we couldn't speak the language much, touching and caring for these women who I suspect do not experience much special care is in line with what I feel God calls us to do in showing His love. I have had to prepare script for presentation on our Missions trip to the congregation of our church and this is what I drafted for that experience:

"...The most moving was the experience spent with the women and children in neighboring villages, sharing time and a very few words in the shade of a tree. We were served tea and coffee, and through some interpretation from the SIM missionary women, a little insight into their lives. Mostly we shook hands, smiled and held babies. Towards the end of our stay we were given beautiful beaded bracelets made from the heart. And we, in turn, painted their nails, which may not sound like much, but thrilled the women.
This was mostly the moment, when I held these worn and dirty feet with love, that I truly felt what Jesus has done for me."

Keep up the good work.


Katie said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! He's gotten so big!! I can't believe it! Miss you guys like crazy!

Christiane said...

Hey Bethany! Greetings from Doro :) I just read your blog entry on painting toes and think it must just be a God-thing, b/c He was bringing that to my mind too! I had added "nail polish" to my mental list of things to buy next time in Nairobi! :) Perhaps we'll get to share painting experiences next time we see each other :) I see Josh has a Mabaan memento on his wrist! Way to go :)

Jan said...

We used to do this when I lived in Nicaragua as a way to gain access to a woman's home, wash her feet, paint her nails, and talk to her. At the end of out time we would pray with her about any prayer requests she had. It was nice for visiting groups to do this because they often didn't know how to speak Spanish or felt uncomfortable with foreigners, so this would help them minister. I would just converse away! I loved it! I'll have to do that here in Mexico. Thanks for the reminder.