Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We're back!

Not only are we back in Yabus, we're back on our blog. Sorry we haven't updated in a while. We accidentally left our camera cord in Sudan when we flew to Kenya for a few weeks. We just returned yesterday, January 26th, and are happily resettling again.

We want to share a few highlights and pictures from our time in Kenya. Shortly after we arrived in Nairobi, we attended our SIM Sudan Spiritual Life Conference and enjoyed meeting new colleagues and socializing with good friends. We then spent a week shopping and running around the city purchasing supplies and coordinating a lot for the bridge. One weekend we escaped as a family to beautiful Lake Naivasha, about a two hours drive out of Nairobi. We stayed at a nice lodge with buffets at every meal, a swimming pool, a playgrounds, and lots of wildlife. We returned to Nairobi feeling refreshed as a family and ready to head back to Yabus.

Joshua sits up by himself now and eats all kinds of foods
His favorite: spaghetti!

So here we are. Yabus turned brown while we were away since there has been no rain for months. However, I was delighted to find my flowers and other plants still thriving thanks to Daniel, our guard, who watered them while I was away.

We have a short term team arriving on Friday to spend two weeks doing some Bible teaching and helping out at the secondary school. Please pray for us as we coordinate that but also pray for their time to be a fruitful experience they will never forget

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Amrita said...

Welcome back home.
Love;y to see your little jewels.