Thursday, July 31, 2008

News from Yabus

Our dear friend and teammate, Katie Montgomery, returned to Nairobi from Yabus yesterday. She came over for dinner last night and came to visit again this morning. We've so enjoyed hearing news and stories from Yabus. Katie also brought many pictures and video clips of friends greeting us and sending their love. It was so encouraging to be reminded of our Sudanese friends who miss us and are waiting for our return.

We are now more eager than ever to get home, but also know how to pray more specifically for our colleagues and friends in Yabus. This is a picture of one of our neighbor friends enjoying the picture album we sent with pictures of baby Joshua so our friends there could see our newest addition. You can tell they love him already!


The Camiola Family said...

Eli and Bethany,
I can feel the love that the people of Yabus have for you guys just by looking at these photos. Thanks for keeping us all updated. We John and I really enjoy reading them!

jared said...

so i was talking to my mom tonight and she told me you had a blog. she was going to have you email the site, but using advanced google skillz I found it really fast. It's great to see what's going on with you guys...I love what you do!

Thanks for serving Jesus with your lives!