Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sudanese Women hungry to study the Bible

I've wanted to start a women's Bible study in Yabus since I moved
here a year ago and today that dream came into fruition. Around 2
p.m. Katie (my teammate), Lucy (a Sudanese friend and our translator)
and I hiked down a path carrying our own stools until we came to a
nearby village where a large group of Uduk families live. Most of the
husbands of these women are students in the adult education program
on our base.

We gathered under a shade tree and I started the story of creation
using large colorful pictures put out by Global Recordings. The
women were all ears as Lucy translated for them. After covering the
first three chapters of Genesis, we went through the pictures again
and asked them to retell the stories for us. When the lesson was
over, all the women thanked us profusely and told us they've never
had teaching like this before and are eager to learn more. Katie and
I expressed that this is exactly why we've come to Sudan - to teach
what we've learned about God so they in turn can teach others,
including their children and friends.

Today I experienced the joy of doing what I know God called me to
Sudan to do.


Christiane said...

Hi :) You don't know me (yet) but my name is Christiane Fox, and I'll be a new addition to the team in Doro, Lord Willing, by this August. I just wanted to say thanks for your entry, made my eyes all misty... I can't wait to finally arrive in Sudan and get rolling on the ministry the Lord has placed on my heart with/for these people... what a previlage that He chooses to use His feable children in the expansion and growth of His Kingdom ... I'm amazed. Looking forward to meeting you and your family!

Diana said...

Oh Bethany, that's so exciting! I've been seeing how great teaching the Bible through stories works even here in the US. I hope to get to use it in Africa one day.

Onna said...

Bethany- I teared up when i read this post! you are such a doll! I am so thrilled with you that it has come time to minister directly to these women's hearts. I join you in praying for fertile soil, Holy Spirit movement and a bountiful harvest! Yaweh is so gracious and hears our prayers, he loves these people so much and now so do we! We are praying for you! Love!

JJ said...

Yippee! Horrah!, Odalale!, Horray! Praise God! Thank you for sharing. I can't imagine how excited you are...I can however, imagine you going home after this day smiling and letting out a sigh of contentment. YES, the Lord has gifted to teach. Please keep us posted.