Friday, April 04, 2008

In Memory of Dr. David Masters:

We received a message on our satellite phone early on April 1,

2008 that Dr. David Masters,
an English doctor and SIM-Sudan

colleague, had
passed away in the night. He and his wife, Irene,

have been stationed in Doro, Eastern
Sudan, an SIM base only

3-hour drive from Yabus.
They've been part of a large medical

team there.

This couple recently joined the SIM-Sudan team in January of this

year but they were among our
most experienced missionaries.

Dr. David and
Irene spent 19 years serving in Congo and then 19

years serving in England. They arrived in Doro on February 4, 2008.

An hour after hearing the news, our SIM Yabus team drove to Doro

to encourage our colleagues
and attend David's funeral at 4:00 pm.

Doro is
home to the Mabaan tribe and the service was conducted

by several Sudanese church leaders.
Several people gave testimonies

of their
friendship with Dr. David, a colleague nurse sang several

English hymns and another SIM
missionary closed the service with a

call for
the Mabaan people to follow Dr. Masters' example of pouring

his life out for the furthering of
God's kingdom. The day before he died,

Masters rode his bicycle over an hour away to visit a village, taking

care of their
sicknesses and sharing the love of Christ.

Please keep Irene and the Doro team in your prayers as Dr. Masters

will be greatly missed.

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Anonymous said...

Dear friends, it was reallly amizing when I heard the news of Dr David died ,and the plane that is crashed it was the same's a God word was fulfiled in Mabaan. so, that His name will be praise in Mabaan country. I kept senlint for couple of munites for this sadness of my heart.Jesus said, we are one in the Spirt,and and one in love of God is one. He said wehn he was praying about His disciples for His in John 17: Simon Koladino