Thursday, February 28, 2008

Not your typical school

We are not your typical school. Most of my third graders are married and with children. We are doing something called an accelerated learning program so we teach two grades every year. Last year these students completed first and second grade and this year they will finish third and fourth. We will take them through 8th grade. I am in charge of teaching science and Christian education. We are working our way through the Gospel of Mark for Christian education and just finished a competition on who could make the strongest compressed dirt block for science.
Here is a picture of Stephen and Jonah with their prize. The blocks are all lined up and drying. I think I'll drive the truck over them to see which one is the strongest. Who said school isn't fun?!


Steve said...

Eli -

It's good to see you on Blogger!

I'm leading a team to Kenya in a few days. We'll be in Nairobi from the 15th to the 21st.


Steve Laughlin

Ashlynne said...

Hey, I just wanted to wish Evan a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I miss ya'll bunches and I love ya'll that much too.

Emily (Taylor) Fay said...

Hey Eli!

I was so happy to see that you finally made it to Sudan. It makes me want to jump on a plane and join you guys. Those were some of my greatest (and worst) days, the days passed in Sudan. I think of you and Bethany often. Give her a big hug from me.

Emily (Taylor) Fay

Ben, Becky & Caleb Bacheller said...

This is awesome!!! What fun school! Wish I could do elementary all over again, in Sudan!