Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Beginning of the Bridge

Phil and I go way back. Trombone buddies was how it all began, actually. We went to high school together in Kijabe, Kenya and played trombone in our school band and Jazz band. Who knew that ten years later he would volunteer his time to be the head engineer for a bridge that we desperately need in Yabus? The two weeks he just spent with us in early February flew by as we surveyed potential sites, found one, and began putting stakes in the ground to begin digging.

One of our main concerns is that no one has ever seen a bridge like this before. It's a bit like getting on an airplane when you had never seen one before. Not exactly something you think is a good idea. Phil addressed this issue by making a model out of bricks we had lying around, some string, and pieces of bamboo. Hopefully this will help ease people's minds. We'll see.

The plans are drawn, the site picked out, and the Phil is willing to come back when we get approval for the bridge. Please pray with us that this bridge will get approval from the government and be embraced by the community.

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kram revilo said...

You are doing an excellent job