Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas in Uganda

We left Yabus, Sudan less than a week ago, traveled through four countries (Sudan, Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda) and arrived in Kabale, Uganda where Bethany's family lives by December 23 - just in time for Christmas. We've spent the past few days cooking up a storm, laughing, and most of all, celebrating the birth of our Savior - the reason all of us work in Africa.
On Christmas Day we went to Mom and Dad's church and worshipped with our Ugandan brothers and sisters in Christ who were very full of joy, clapping, singing, and drumming. Audrey and I sang a duet in church which was always our custom growing up and that was very special for us.
The day after Christmas we got together with the rest of Mom and Dad's team here in Kabale and sang Christmas carols together. It's been such a wonderful time.
We've been able to relax and have fun together over the holidays, yet the party continues. Mom and Dad seem to be spoiling us with lots of good food, fun activities, and special treats. We're so thankful we will spend a full 3 weeks here.

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