Thursday, November 15, 2007

Where's the Pepto?

It's funny how we have not had to seek out adventure, it simply crawls into our lives here in Sudan. A knock at our door at 3:30 pm turned out to be our fabulous guard, Daniel. He motioned excitedly for me to follow and indicated that the camera was an obvious necessity. Sure enough I found myself admiring a very large lizard, probably something related to the monitor lizard. Daniel had found it crossing the path and commenced sending it to lizard heaven. As I snapped a couple pictures, Daniel informed me that the skin was a present and the meat was delicious. I thanked him for the former but was looking for the exit on the latter. Nope, too late. Nyai, the tallest Uduk we know, had showed up with some coals and was getting the fire started. An impromptu barbeque started and in a couple minutes we had a small gathering. I was handed the tail a few minutes later and to my surprise, found it incredibly delicious! Eat large lizard- I guess I can check that off my to do list.


Taylor Martyn said...

That's so great! It's like gizards! :) I can't wait to experience the random adventures we'll be having in Sudan. I've eaten some random, weird things, but never a lizard. Did you have any of the organs?

Andy, Rachel and Christopher said...

Wow! I can't believe how big your boys are - so adorable! To show you how long I've been off the rift99 blog and "out of the loop" as far as communication, I didn't even know you had a second son. Yikes! I love blogs and am excited I found yours. I'll check it often and keep you all in my prayers. Have a wonderful day.