Saturday, May 21, 2016

Wedding Week

Teammates ready for the henna party

This blog post is a week late because our internet hasn't been working on our compound. Not only that, but life hasn't seemed to stand still for a single second to let me catch my breath. I so want to share about our week of wedding fun last week so here are a few pictures to help.

"Uncle" Yassir with Evan and Josh
 On Wednesday afternoon we were invited to the henna party. This special gathering meant the groom was being "groomed" for his wedding day - beginning with henna dye on his feet and hands. He had to sit for several hours, having the henna applied and then allowing it to dry.

While the groom was getting henna applied, friends of the groom celebrated with singing, drumming and dancing. Yes, even I joined in!

Joshua was the only Fader boy brave enough to get henna done. He got it on his left hand.

There was another henna party on Thursday and then on Friday we were invited to go out to Gendrassa camp where the bride is from, to feast with her family. We filled several cars with people from the groom's side of the family to drive out to the camp. In the photo above, we walked to the bride's family's house singing.

With the beautiful bride, Asha

A crowd sang and drummed as we escorted the groom to the church

Saturday was the wedding day and Yassir and Asha got to be the first couple to be married in the Gendrassa church. The ceremony was a beautiful testimony of each of their faith in Jesus and their desire to begin their marriage, committing it to Christ.

The bride wore a western style white wedding dress
 After escorting the groom to the church, a crowd of friends and family then walked to the bride's house to collect her and escort her to the church. In this picture, notice the bride's younger sister in red, wiping the tears from her face. There were a few tears, even from the bride, as this "leaving home" was indeed a final step of leaving her family. After the wedding, Asha left Gendrassa to move back to Doro (30 min drive away) to liver her with her new husband.

Following the Bride
 The bride got a ride in the car while the rest of us followed behind, still singing and celebrating.

Wedding Feast

After a beautiful ceremony and packing up the bride's belongings, we headed back to Doro with cars packed with people for the 2nd part of the wedding day - the after party at the bride and groom's new home. We ate a big feast of rice, macaroni, many meat dishes and their favorite, kisra, made of sorghum.
Teammates dressed up for the wedding
Needless to say, we were exhausted when we finally arrived home on Saturday at 6 pm after 9 hours of partying and celebrating! It was a day we won't soon forget and we pray the marriage of Yassir and Asha will be a light in the community here.


Jared Staples said...

Wow! How exciting to watch these Christians commit their lives to God and to each other. What a wonderful thing to celebrate!

Jared Staples said...

Wow! How exciting to watch these Christians commit their lives to God and to each other. What a wonderful thing to celebrate!

Msomi said...

The moments to cherish are these. Song, dance and laughter.