Sunday, May 29, 2016

Nothing like holding a new baby

Meet Little Awadalla. He was born more than a month early after his mother walked a two day journey back to the refugee camp. Thankfully he was born healthy and is growing like a weed at 3 weeks old now. After my first two visits, somehow I had misunderstood that he was a girl so when I arrived for a visit yesterday with a gift of a darling little girl's outfit, I was embarrassed to realize she was a boy! Oh well! Hawa, his mother, was thrilled for the cute outfit and could care less that it was pink and flowered!


Jared Staples said...

Ah, he looks cute in pink!

Audrey said...

Hahaha! I didn't know he was a boy! Great story.

T. W. said...

What a beautiful child!