Monday, November 30, 2015

3 Camps in 2 Days

One of the seekers in Yusif Batil

On Saturdays we go out to Yusif Batil Camp where we are chronologically teaching through some of the foundational Old Testament stories. This last Saturday we also got to pass out some solar powered Scripture Radios that play portions of Scripture in Arabic. This is a wonderful way for non-readers to hear the Word again and again.

This is what our drive looks like as we head about 35 minutes out of town to the further camps.

This is the new church in Kaya, furthest away. It was such a joy to worship the Lord together and encourage one another in the Word of God.

It is a wonderful gift that many of these new believers can read Arabic well so they are able to read the Scripture for themselves!

This young lady is the daughter of the Sultan. The Sultan is just how it sounds, he is the most powerful man in that camp! We visited the Sultan's home after church and shared a cup of tea and grieved with one of his older daughters who lost a four year old son last week.

On Sunday afternoon I go to Gendrassa for the Ladies Bible study. We used to meet on Thursdays but since more ladies are trying to find work and some are attending literacy courses on the weekday afternoons, we shifted our meeting to Sundays so more women can come.

And more women have definitely come!
Another blessing recently is that my teammate, Khambawi and a few of his colleagues from the Secondary School join us after our Bible study to teach these new believers Christian songs.

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