Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Sunday in Doro

Uduk church service
 Every Sunday since we arrived in Doro, we have visited a different church. Sometimes we don't know a single person in that church, other times, we're visiting a friend's church. Today we went to the church where one of our students from Gideon Theological College is pastoring. I wish I had taken a picture of him while he was preaching but I was so absorbed with his beautiful sermon from Philippians 4 about pressing on toward the goal.

After the sermon, 3 new babies and a toddler were dedicated to the Lord.

The woman in the purple shirt sat by me and translated from Uduk to Arabic for me through the whole service. I can't explain it but I fell in love with her immediately. I could tell she had a beautiful heart for the Lord. After the service I talked with her for a bit and met one of her friends (in the picture). It was so neat to hear that both of these ladies knew some of our earlier missionaries from the 1960's and they are called the mothers of the church because they were some of the first ones in the Chali church. Chali is an area in Sudan where this group of the Uduk tribe are originally from. They have to live in Doro because their area is continually being bombed by the north.

Priscilla is my sweet little friend from Melut. I've always enjoyed cuddling her on my lap (though she's getting big now!)

Isaac loves his Sudanese tea (shai)

Having tea with Miriam
 Miriam is married to Yoel who preached such a lovely sermon this morning.  They were with us in Melut for 2 years and now are continuing in ministry.

Baby Samuel with an auntie
 Then this afternoon, neighbor friends came to tell me that my new friend Haua who gave birth about a week ago, was having a special celebration for her baby boy. I was delighted to be invited. I took a large bag of milk powder as a gift (milk is precious) and enjoyed some time trying to hear the Mabaan conversation, drinking tea and coffee, and holding a few babies.


Rolf and Angela Kruse said...

Is that Ruth? If so please give her a huge hug and many greetings. She is a dear friend on mine from the Bonga Refugee camp and my heart still yearns to be with the Uduks.

Jared Staples said...

Thanks for the pictures. How neat to be in the midst of so many different groups of folks and so many different churches. So different from our church and yet we worship the same God and drink tea and visit after church!

Sandy said...

Jared, I was thinking the same thing! Isn't it funny how people congregate around food all over the world!? Bethaney, it's fun seeing you hold a little girl. What a change from all the young men in your family. :)