Saturday, July 25, 2015

Exploring the Great Rift Valley

We just came back from a really special 3 days out of the city with our good friends Jeff, Heather, and little Jordy Ladine. We drove only an hour out of the city, to the edge of the Great Rift Valley and did what we call, "gourmet camping."

Eli and Evan followed us on the motorcycle

This was the view from our place

Totally relaxed

Lovin' on Little Jordy

The pool was cold but the boys enjoyed cooling off after a long hike

Our three boys

Enjoying the breathtaking view

Mother/Son hike just the two of us 

Plenty of rock climbing too!

Jordy was so happy on the walks

Drinking coffee in the most beautiful spot on earth!

Afternoon game of scrabble

Grilling for dinner

Checkers by the fire in the morning

Potty with a view
I am not joking! This was the bathroom! You basically sit and look out at the view of the valley!

The shower's view
And this is how the shower is set up. You shower with one side of the shower completely in the open so you can enjoy the scenery while you shower! And yes we did it!

A cool cave we found on one of our many hikes

Eli and Jeff after a morning hike
We basically spent our days eating, relaxing, and hiking up and down the mountains. There was so much for the kids to explore and we even saw some wildlife. This was just what our boys needed after 2 months of living in the big city. They are definitely bush kids - they love open space and freedom - so they were very happy here.

The timing of this trip with our friends was perfect. Eli and I had just spent the previous days shopping for everything we needed for our new house in Doro, South Sudan where we move on August 4, and then packing it all and weighing it. We had reserved 300 kg thinking it would be more than enough but when it came time to weigh, it tallied up to 298,5 kg!!!! Super close, but still within our limits! So yeah, it had been a stressful week and getting away from it all with good friends was just what we needed - like a last hurrah before heading back to South Sudan for the rest of the year.

We all decided we'd like turns on the motorcycle so Eli took us on some fun trail rides.

This has always been one of our favorite places to be as a couple - on a motorcycle together!

Group photo with the valley in the background

L'ol Dacha was a beautiful place to stay and catch our breath before this next adventure ahead of us.

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