Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sights from Melut

Behind our teammates' house
 Many of you have asked what Eli found when he returned to Melut earlier this month. Basically the first thing Eli realized was that stuff was everywhere. Several groups of looters came through our campus and it appeared that they took trunks, boxes, drawers, shelves and just turned them upside down, took what they wanted, and left the rest spread everywhere.

Our kitchen

Our bedroom
 Most of the papers were left behind. Here in our bedroom most of the papers were school papers of the boys' and Sunday school teaching materials. Such a sad waste! But Eli was able to salvage what he could, repack it, and lock it up in the school building. Hopefully it won't be looted again.

The Kids' Room
 In addition to their toys, clothes and school books, we had several other families' belongings stored in the boy's room. This was all ransacked and left like this.

The college library
 Thankfully the desks were all left in the classroom and the majority of the books were left on their shelves in the library. Again, Eli picked up and re-packed what he could.

Student housing - the roof was burned off

A bullet that went right through our front door!
Yes, these pictures are sad and even infuriating to see! But I look at this picture of the bullet hole in our door and I praise the Lord with all of my heart that He rescued our family from here before the rebels came.

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Jared Staples said...

So sorry, Bethany! Thank you for sharing the photos.