Friday, May 22, 2015

We are OK

The boys playing Uno in the UN bunker in Melut
Dear Friends,
    We are sorry for the delay in the letting you all know that we are safe and OK. We know that many of you have already heard that Melut, our little town on the Nile River in South Sudan, was attacked by rebel troops this last Tuesday, May 19th. We are so thankful to the Lord for preserving and protecting our family and teammate, Claire. Our children never heard a single gunshot or saw anything traumatic. In fact, I feel like the above photo is kind of bizarre since they were sitting in the bunker at the UN but all smiles as they played Uno, unaware of the danger coming closer.
    We were evacuated to Doro, one of SIM's other bases in South Sudan, and then yesterday, May 21, we flew to Nairobi, Kenya. This is a good place to recuperate and process this last week's events and pray about what is next for our family. There are a lot of emotions to deal with especially as we continue to contact friends who had to run for their lives and as we hear reports like we did today -  of Melut town being burned and our college campus being looted.
     I have a lot to share, even about the precious days leading up to our hasty departure but that will come in time. We have agreed with our teammate Claire that we believe the Lord sent us to Melut for those 6 weeks, to share hope and love with His people there.

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