Sunday, May 24, 2015

Only 1 Week Ago!

The boys all dressed for church standing by the river

The outside of our church in Melut

Last Sunday, May 17, Melut SIC Church was packed full!
 Just last Sunday the youth and elders from a church in Paloich, a one-hour drive from Melut, came to spend the weekend with the youth and church family in Melut. Gideon Theological College hosted the visitors in some houses on campus but the church cooked and hosted. Sunday morning was a very special (and long) service with the Melut Choir (pictured on the left in blue) and the Paloich Choir (in peach on the right). They sang and worshipped. There was dancing, ululating, and even tears shed as we thanked God for being God.

As the choirs sang, the people of the church joined in and came forward with dancing and celebration.

Isaac and his friend Manchol

I even got to hold a baby for a while and got him to fall asleep!

The boys were a little squeezed and hot but they did amazing for a 4 1/2 hour church service!
When the service was over around 1:30, we headed home for a quick lunch and then a Sunday afternoon rest. But I  heard that the women were still fellowshipping together on campus, eating and drinking tea and coffee, so I headed back over to join in. Once we'd had our fill, the youth and women headed back over to the church for more singing and dancing. I forgot my camera this time but it wouldn't have mattered because I was too busy joining in!

It was such a precious time of praising the Lord together, forgetting for a while, the growing tensions in our state and the instability in our hearts. We forgot that we were different colors and different cultures. We just sang and focused on one thing: Jesus.

And that, my friends, is my last good memory of Melut. By Monday we had to arrange a plane to take us out of Melut and in the middle of the night on Monday night we were woken by a friend telling us that Security in town was telling everyone to pack up and get out of Melut because the rebels were coming.

I look back at these pictures now and at each face, those I know personally and those I don't, and I wonder where each of them is now. Where did they run to? Were they separated from their family? Where are they getting food and water? And most of all, what will they do now?

The phrase that seems to keep coming up today is: Let Go and Let God.
I still have so many questions and emotions I haven't sorted through yet but I know I can trust God. I know that He reigns.

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