Thursday, February 06, 2014

Our Next Move

Our house in South Sudan
 By now many of you have heard that we are heading back to the States this morning for an early home assignment. Life in Melut is just not stable enough for our family to return at this point in time so we're going to make the most of this season and come back to the States. As you can imagine there is a mixture of emotions that we are all feeling. We have had time to sit together as a family and discuss why we can't go back to Melut right now and why we're going back to the States and what we will do there. Our boys seem excited to go back and see their cousins and their best friends who live next door to us in SC.

The pictures I've posted here of our two different homes show the great gap between our two "worlds". Though we are excited and eager to reconnect with family and friends and enjoy so many of the wonderful things about America, our hearts are still sad about what has happened in South Sudan over the last two months. We were not able to say proper goodbyes or pack our house. We just have to go.

If you think of us in the next few weeks please pray for our family as we transition back to life in America. Pray that we will be good ambassadors to share with the churches in the States what is happening in South Sudan. Can't wait to see so many of you. See you soon!
Our house in South Carolina

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Great informative site:)

Cosmin Stefanescu said...

There's a huge transition. I didn't read all your posts, but I don't understand why you moved in south Sudan? Peace.