Wednesday, November 06, 2013

A Highlight of the year for Bethany


I shared a few words before and after the film

 Tuesday was a very special day for the women here at Gideon Theological College in Melut, me included! It was the last of our Tuesday afternoon classes taught by Claire Meckler. For several semesters Claire taught a community health class and this semester she did a course on Healing the Wounds of Trauma. To bring the class to a close, we showed the Magdalena film, which is a version of the Jesus film but geared towards the women. Claire encouraged each woman to invite two friends from off campus to come. We had a great turnout.

To surprise and thank Claire for all she's done, the women composed two special songs to sing for her as a farewell (Claire is heading on home assignment in a few weeks.) They also included Karen in the songs who is also leaving next month.

The women put their money together to buy a nice gift for Claire

and a farewell gift for Karen

Mary, one of the student wives, shared briefly from Matthew 13:23, the parable of the seed that falls on good soil. She likened the group of women to good soil that will yield a good harvest.
After the program the women served juice, tea, and doughnuts to their friends who had come.

Julia looks pretty content with her doughnuts. :)

We praise the Lord for all the progress and growth we've seen in these ladies' lives. And now we prepare to send them out with their husbands to go back to their home churches and villages to minister to women there with the new knowledge they've gained.

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Jared Staples said...

Wow! I love seeing the faces of all you beautiful women together. Thank you for the pictures! I am praying for a strong finish for the year for you all!