Friday, August 16, 2013

Our Trip to "The Big City"

On Monday, August 12th, we set out from Melut by boat for a four day "get away" to Malakal, the capital city of Upper Nile State here in South Sudan. We brought the boys' best friend German with us so he could see the "big city" for the first time. It was quite an experience for all of us. The boat ride took 3 and half hours and we got to see beautiful scenery and many types of water birds.

We met up with friends we knew from Yabus days and went to this nice restaurant.

Anter Deng, pictured next to Eli, was a teacher at the SIC Secondary School in Yabus and we lived together for about 3 years. He recently got married about a year ago to Nyabuol and they are expecting their first child in a few months.

One of the perks of Malakal was the larger variety of foods and drinks. We splurged and ate out every meal - great treat for me so I didn't have to cook! Here we are eating fish sandwiches with fresh veggies and fruit in our guesthouse.

One day we were out and it rained quite heavily. The walk home after dark IN THE MUD without real flashlights was quite the "adventure". Other fun adventures we had were:
- going to the local zoo where we saw hyenas, crocodiles, an ostrich, a baboon, a monkey, and an antelope.
- our own tour of an old Egyptian agricultural project from the 1950's which included old cranes, ships and railroads.
- a walk around town and the clothes market
- eating out at different restaurants
- meeting up with old friends and our SIM teammates, Tohru and Claire Inoue

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