Saturday, August 10, 2013

An afternoon with the ladies

We have 3 student wives who are expecting babies in the next few months. As is their tradition, just before the baby is due, the expectant mother invites her friends over for tea and coffee and they make a very special incense together. There are many different kinds but they make it themselves. That way, when people come to visit the new baby and mama, there is lovely smelling incense burning.

It is quite the process. After chopping this special type of wood, they melted sugar on the fire and coated the wood in candied sugar. Once all the wood pieces were coated then they added lemon juice. Finally they poured at least 3 different scents of perfume over the wood so it would soak into every piece. The end result smelled amazing.

We were entertained by babies Gideon and Nyangat

My teammate Amie cuddles with little Nyangat

Gideon - named after the martyr who our college is named after

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