Tuesday, July 23, 2013

School Sharing

In the last week my teammate Amie Cross and I have been joining forces with our homeschooling to make it more fun. Last Friday Amie did a public speaking class and each child, even 20-month old Daniel, got up in front of the others, introduced themselves, told what their favorite thing to do was, and then concluded by asking if there were any questions. It was precious and I had to suppress giggles a few times because it was so pickin' cute!

This morning's class was Music Theory. Amie brought over a bunch of tin whistles and Isaac brought out his drum and Evan his recorder. They learned what a music staff is and about the different types of music notes: whole, half, and quarter.

very attentive students

making a joyful noise :)

She even showed them how conductors show when to start and stop the music. I was glad the GTC students weren't in session because of all the ruckus coming from our house but boy did our kids have fun!

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