Saturday, July 20, 2013

Our BIG 9-year-old

Our summers are always a flurry of birthday celebrations since 4 of our 5 family members have birthdays in June and July. Isaac brings a close to this season with his 9th birthday today, July 20th. We began this special day with a pile of chocolate chip pancakes and we have a picnic and outdoor movie with all the campus kids planned for later in the day.

I have enjoyed "going down memory lane" so come along and join me. This morning the thing that really hit me as I was making breakfast was that our oldest son is only 9 years old and yet he's already had a very full life. He's lived in many different places and experienced things many people don't experience in a lifetime. Thank you Lord for giving this incredible childhood to our children!

July 20, 2004: Isaac Amani was born in Chicago, IL

We were only 23 when we became parents but God was gracious and as you can see, fatherhood came very naturally to Eli. He is still such a wonderful father to our 3 boys!

Isaac was such a good baby, sleeping through the night at only 6 weeks old, and making a move to South Carolina when he was only 2 months old. However, he did get into mischief now and then.

Before Isaac turned 1, Eli and I were already spreading the word about the difficult situation going on in Sudan. Before he was 2 we were appointed with SIM to go to Sudan as missionaries.

What a sweet little one year old! Eli was in seminary at the time so Isaac and I had special days just the two of us.

Christmas at age 18 months. We were already expecting a little brother

3rd Birthday in Yabus, Sudan
Age 4 and loving life in Sudan. This was our donkey, Teddy.

5th Birthday, still in Yabus :)

Swimming in the Yabus River

6th Birthday in South Carolina on home assignment

7th Birthday in Khartoum, Sudan. Shirtless was his typical wardrobe since it was so hot up there!

One year ago we celebrated Isaac's 8th birthday shortly after arriving in Melut. We have now been here one year and our boys are thriving. We are so thankful for happy, healthy boys!


Jason and Heather Fader said...

Great pictures. We love you, Isaac, and we hope you have had a wonderful birthday so far. : )

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