Thursday, March 29, 2012

Last day of school

 Isaac and Evan had a good cry last night as we talked about today being their last day of school. On one hand it made my heart break because they've had so say some difficult goodbyes already in their short lives. But I also know that there will be many goodbyes to come. Father, take care of these little lambs and protect their hearts. They know they're called to this life just as much as Eli and I.

 So I took the camera out as we waited for the "bus". This is the driver Amu Jahid. "Amu" means uncle. Every time the boys climb in the van Amu Jahid motions for Joshua to join him in the front seat. Joshua loves the special attention and I pray extra hard for safety on the roads!

 The boys and their friends on the bus.

The bus pulls away for the final day of Arabic school for our boys. Well Done Boys!