Monday, March 21, 2011

Evan's celebration #2

For his special birthday meal what do you think Evan requested? Not tacos and not pizza like most kids! He wanted Ramen, so we had Ramen!
Ice cream cones with toppings were for dessert - another request of Evan's

His friends were so thoughtful and bought presents that would be perfect to keep him busy on the airplane ride back to Africa!

For Evan's birthday he really wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese with his best friends next door. Since they were out of town camping until Saturday, we planned a Saturday party. As you can guess, Chuck E Cheese was FULL that day but we all had such a great time - well I came home with a headache but all the kids were sure happy!!!

We also wanted to wait until Saturday because Evan wanted his very special Aunt Jess or "Chachi" as he calls her to be there!


Amrita said...

Hi Evan you gave everybody a great time.

Chachi means aunt in Hindi too

Mary Sires said...

Bethany--your kids look so cute in every picture--don't tell them that, they want to be handsome, which they are. YOU always look Beautiful, Bethany!