Saturday, December 27, 2008

December 25th- Christmas Day

Dec. 25th: At 8:30, the kids and moms with babies rode the quad bike to town for church. It was a special service since the Mabaan and Uduk tribes joined together in one church. Even the choir was mixed with Uduk and Mabaan singers! The service went until 1 pm. After church the kids and I came home for lunch and a nap and around 4 we returned to the Uduk church for a huge feast, then joined the Mabaans for dancing and singing around town. The “caroling” ended as it was getting dark so we headed back to the Mabaan church where they served us more food. By now we were very full and had eaten lots of pork and goat meat, sodas, and kisra – a thin pancake-like bread made with sour sorghum and very tasty. By the time we’d finished eating it was very dark and we had one flashlight and the quad bike. The kids and I got on the quad bike and shone the light for the rest of the team to walk home.

Caroling through the town with the Mabaan Church

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Amrita said...

What fun, Ilove a celebration like that.

Manychurcheshere also have community feasts on Christmas Day

I want to see what a quad bike looks like.Can we have aphoto