Thursday, July 31, 2008

Joshua's paperwork moving right along!

We spent most of Tuesday at the Embassy applying for Josh's passport and social security card. They did tell us that if we wanted his middle name to be Daniel instead of Danzel, we would need to get his birth certificate ammended. Otherwise his middle name would be printed as Danzel on all official documents. We didn't want that.
So yesterday, Wednesday, Eli set off once again for the Sheria House thinking it might take another 5 visits to get the birth certificate fixed. But he came home later in the afternoon beaming because it had been done in ONE day! Yay!
Today Eli went to the Embassy once again to turn in the new, revised birth certificate and thankfully didn't have to wait as long as we did on Tuesday. However, now we've been told that the passport picture we had will not work and we need to get a new one. So this afternoon when all three boys are up from their naps, we'll trek down to the photo place to try one more time. The joys of having children abroad!

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