Sunday, July 27, 2008

Getting the Birth Certificate

As part of our adventures in Africa comes the necessary paperwork that must be obtained. I have spent the last two weeks in a couple locations downtown Nairobi, getting a Birth Certificate for Joshua Daniel. It was a new adventure so I didn't mind the matatu rides (local buses) downtown or the fact that it took five trips to get the needed document. It was a good experience as I went from counter to counter, filled out paper after paper, explaining and bargaining so that I could get 6 Birth certificates. Other missionaries have encouraged us to get multiple copies at the start so we don't have to go back later. All went well and I actually enjoyed the experience but I believe the adventure has just begun. As I rode home on the matatu and pulled out the completed copies of Joshua's offical Birth Certificate, I noticed they have written his name as "Joshua Danzel" instead of "Joshua Daniel". Is it worth another five trips to fix it? I suddenly like the name Danzel.


Anonymous said...

Danzel is a good name. It's been Africanized!

- tm

Stephanie said...

Goodness it has two weeks already?
Time is really flying for us we will be having our baby before we relize it:)The picture of all the boys is beautiful!!!

Liz said...

If you remember the Cases who used to teach at Rift, one of their daughters was listed as male on her first birth certificate.

Onna said...

Danzel it is! wow. but what a great story! Levi sends a hi-five to Danzel! (and Beth I'd love to hear about your birth experience!) Love ya'll!