Friday, March 28, 2008

Goat Jerky

I guess I have adopted the motto that I will try anything once in Sudan.

We are on a "gorge and fast" routine when it comes to meat. We usually buy a goat every couple months and then we feast. However, meat does not keep well, so we have to eat it all in one day. A visiting "mohandis" or handyman suggested that we try to make some goat jerky. Hmm, I hadn't thought of that before. But, as stated above, we should at least try to make some, right?

We flavored the meat with black pepper, salt, and sugar and then laid the pieces out on a bamboo rack to dry. Within minutes we had 4 hawks circling around our meat, just waiting for us to turn our backs. A little chicken wire and a metal bowl to reflect the sunlight did the trick, and our meat dried extremely quickly in our 110 degree heat.

The verdict: we have a lot of uneaten goat jerky.


Taylor said...

What a great idea! I've never made my own jerky but have a passion for the delicacy. For some reason when I have seen others drying jerky they hang it. And it usually hangs for a good week or two, now this was SA where it was not nearly that hot. How long did you all leave it out? It's got to be totally dried out to keep well for very long.

let us know how it tastes.

Aaron Stewart said...

How did you deal with all the flies?

Diana said...

Does it taste good?