Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Pastors' Conference in Yabus

I have often thought to myself that Sudan is a land of extremes. One of the latest extremes I have learned about is the partnerships that are formed in order to serve the people of Sudan. Many of you have just supported a church leaders' conference in Yabus through your support of us. Now although SIM hosted the conference here in Yabus, it was greatly funded by Samaritan's Purse who asked teachers from African Leadership to participate who are from the African Inland Church but training leaders for the Sudan Interior Church. Enough cooks in the kitchen? Well mix in the fact that there were 5 different tribes (6 if you count my tribe) and the course was taught in 3 languages!

When all was said and done, 41 church leaders spent 2 weeks working through an Introduction to Biblical Interpretation, Old Testament survey, and New Testament Survey. These three classes are part of a program called African Leadership in which they take 10 such courses and earn a degree. This time we had 19 men and 1 woman graduate. When we handed them their certificate, they just sat there staring at the piece of paper with THEIR name on it, reading and re-reading every word. So proud of accomplishing something a few years ago they thought impossible. So proud of moving their church and country forward one small step.


WWG said...

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Stephen Fitz said...

Your talking about my passion here. I'm am excited about visiting this summer. Now that you have been in Sudan for a while I'm sure you have a great idea of what things are really like and what is really needed.

I hope I could serve/teach in some way. There may be a friend or two of mine that would also like to come.

Right now I am thinking early June, or early July. I would love to stay for a couple weeks.

Is there anyway we could chat sometime? Or we could email back at forth - my email is

Thanks and blessings!