Friday, October 19, 2007

Yuna - Yabus compound manager kills a cobra


Christie said...

Now that would be one to skin!! i wanna come kill one just so i can skin it!! that would be really cool!! are there any Kudu's (did i spell it right??) around there!?! those are really cool animals!

Anonymous said...

Bore/. to 'kosha /e me'd.

I missed seeing wild snake, I felt sory for that one. Aha/ yiki pa ana ki i lamba'th cin. Ana i sam wa'sh.

Tell everybody that Isaac Soma said said hi. I can't picture people back in our homeland becuase it has been so long for me.

John from canada said...

Hey yuna this is John that was a nice picture you posted there.Say hey to everyone for me , and tell them that John said hey from Canada.I love that kind of weather buddy when you was killing that cobra,how did the christmas go? we had a good christmas here in Canada.